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Introduction Riverside County High School, which is part of Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) alternative education department. Students who attend schools in this department are currently on probation and/or have been expelled from their home school. These students are classified as high risk of academically dropping out of school and have a high transient rate. To increase student attendance and engagement project-based instruction has been implemented as a Transformational Change Project (TCP) at one school sites. Project-based learning will be implemented to address the academic needs of students who have not been academically successful. As part of the TCP an evaluation and leadership team (TCLT) has been established for…show more content…
This will allow for feedback to be obtained by the teachers on how project-based learning and as well as obstacles teachers faced in the implementation of project-based learning. This serves two purposes, one to find out in which sites project-based learning was implemented and to what extent and secondly what factors were obstacles so they can be addressed. Student Survey Student Survey (Appendix B) consists of sixteen questions that allow students to give their feedback on how project base learning and its strategies affect the students learning and how the procedures and strategies used by the teachers were effective. This instrument allows for students to give their feedback on what worked and what did not at the same time it helps us guide instruction for the population that is being served. Staff Survey Staff Survey (Appendix C) will be given to school staff. This survey will gather data on student behavior and how it has affected student learning at the school sites. Data will be collected on how students act outside the classroom and if project-based learning is transferred outside the classroom. This allows for a check and balances system in which data gathered from students and teachers can be supported by other staff that is not in the classroom and observe if there is a change in student behavior, self-esteem, school bonding, et Surveys were

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