Introduction To Scott Snacks Ltd.

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Introduction Scott Snacks Ltd is a snacks company which is owned and managed by Scott Mackie who is 31 years old; he started the snack company when he left his sporting career due to an accident. When the company began it was going very well at the start even though there was lots of competition, Scott remained un-phased. Scott’s business was doing quite well until he had growth problems as he never done market research which overall impacted on his success of his business. Scott had no success in good quality supermarkets because there wasn’t enough diversity in his packaging; his products were only accessible in large family share bags. More problems occurred when people started to get health conscious and didn’t want to eat snacks anymore so this had an impact on his sales. Scott Snacks have had a downturn in sales recently and this can be due to more people eating healthy and there is quite a high percentage of salt in Scott Snacks. Caledonian Marketing is going to provide them with a marketing plan and this is the planning stage.
1. The interdependence of key marketing activities in the development of marketing programmes
Marketing is when an organisation analyse the needs their consumers and then make decisions to satisfy them and also to stand out from the competition. Marketing is one of the most important departments in any business because
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