Investigating A Rapid Rate Of Groundwater Essay

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Worksheet 1

What results of your temperature experiment would convince you that you will need a rapid rate of groundwater input to raise your fish? Due to the results of our temperature experiment, we developed that the fish within our tanks, supported moderate to high temperatures, ranging in-between 30 * C to 33 *C. This results demonstrated that, input of groundwater is not necessary. Even the slightest degree increase, such as 34 * C, our mortality rate began to increase. With this information we were able to determine that the use of groundwater is vitally important in maintaining that health and mortality rate decreased within our fish.

If your fish grow without groundwater input, should you use it anyway? Why or why not? No, given the results of the temperature experiment, we would not use the groundwater due to the fact that, using the unnecessary groundwater would cause our ponds to shrink in size.

If you intended to counter oxygen depletion by emergency aeration, how would you choose the oxygen concentration at which to begin aeration? Within our experiment, oxygen concertino began to decline at 3 mg/L, causing three out of our ten fish to die. We immediately decide to apply the emergency aeration, to avoid losing any other fish, and avoid decreasing both our expenses and profit. Determining the oxygen concentration is very critical to the mortality of the fish, so therefore should we noticed early on to avoid increase amount of death within the
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