Investigating Chemical Reactions

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Observe • To conduct an experiment in order to study and understand how multiple factors have an affect on chemical reactions and the rate at which these reactions are happening. Procedure 1. Nature of the Reactants • Obtain 4 small test tubes and label them while, placing them in a test tube rack. • Fill each test tube half way with 4 different acids as shown in Figure 23.3 (use safety precautions while handling acids). • Obtain a 1-cm strip of magnesium and place it within each test tube. Make sure the strip is completely immersed within the acid in order to get a clear reaction rate. • Analyze the reaction rates observed for all 4 test tubes. • Obtain 3 more test tubes and label them. Fill each test tube half way with 6 M HCl and place …show more content…

2. Temperature of the Reaction: Oxalic Acid-Potassium Permanganate Reaction System • Obtain 2 sets of 3 150-mm test tubes. Add 1 mL of 0.01 M KMnO4 and 4 mL of 3 M H2SO4 into the 3 test tubes in the first set using a pipet (use safety precautions and do not make any form of skin contact with either chemical, as skin irritation and staining are possible). • Add 5 mL of 0.33 M H2C2O4 chemical into the second set of 150-mm test tubes using a pipet. • Acquire a test tube containing H2C2O4 and add it to the test tube containing permanganate. • Stir the mixture and document the time of how long it takes the purple color of the solution to disappear. • Set up a warm water bath (40°C) and place a second set of H2C2O4 and permanganate solution into the water bath for 5 minutes. Add the H2C204 into the permanganate after 5 minutes. • Stir the mixture and place the test tube back into the water bath. Record the time of how long it takes the purple color of the solution to disappear and the temperature of the water bath. • Repeat the reaction done earlier by increasing the temperature of the water bath. Document any data collected. • Plot the data collected during the

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