Investigating How Control Is Through Technology

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Investigate how control, through technology is exercised in the chosen organisation.

For any kind of organisation to exist, there should be controlling system over it. On the bases of academic articles, corse book, experience of a senior manager of pharmaceutical business and researcher 's personal experience of teleworking, this report shows how variable technologies help managers lead employees, control the relationships with partner companies, influence customers. In other words how it helps businesses to become more successful and competable. It demonstrates how different types of technology affect the business, in most cases leading it to a greater profit and lower costs. However, it evaluates some disadvantages, …show more content…

Technology affects unemployment, economic growth, and organisational structure of jobs. Through innovation in technology, new jobs are created while old jobs are made redundant. There is also an overall skill upgrading effect while some tasks are deskilled.
Current stage of technological development gives the opportunity of nonstandard work to the business world. Examples include freelance, telecommuting, workshifting, home working and the idea of blended workforce, when standard and nonstandard employes work side by side. Nonstandard jobs are more common for high skilled, high paid workers; it allows more fredom and flexibility. Some disadvantages of homeworking and teleworking involve absense of team spirit and lack of face-to-face social interactions and sharing ideas. In addition management connot easily monitor, control the activity and make sure that employees are working towards the same goal.
Recently, applying blogs for knowledge-sharing and problems- solving across the organisation has dramatically changed the nature of work. Managers use technological methods to encourage informal coordination and make the workplase more engaging for benefiting the teamwork. Same communication tools are utilized between managers of different department to combine their work together or by partner companies to do business together regardless of time zone and language issues. On the other hand, the usage of the

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