Is A Smartphone? A?

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Today a smartphone is part of almost every person’s life. It’s used to assist us in just about anything, whether we need directions, need to text a friend, or even buy a ticket to a movie or theme park we can perform tasks like this in just a matter of minutes. So what is a smartphone? A smartphone is a phone which includes a state-of-the-art mobile operating system that incorporates the features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. Typically, these features combine the usual use of a cell phone with those of other popular mobile devices, such as personal digital assistant, media player and GPS navigation unit. Almost all smartphones can access the Internet, have a touchscreen user…show more content…
This mobile phone was the first phone to incorporate PDA (personal digital assistant) features, which was demonstrated that year at the COMDEX computer industry trade show. In addition to the PDA features, the phone also included visionary apps such as maps, stocks and news. Soon after the release of the prototype, a refined version was introduced to consumers, the Simon Personal Communicator. The Simon Personal Communicator first revealed its face in 1992 and was the first cellular device that can be properly referred to as a “smartphone” even though it was not called that when it was initially released. Simon came with a monochrome touchscreen, a stylus, and a charging base station. It went on sale in 1993 through BellSouth Cellular for an enormous price of $899 with a two-year agreement or $1,099 without contract. IBM sold approximately 50,000 Simon units.
Nokia entered the not-yet-developed smartphone space in 1996. It released the Nokia 9000 Communicator to the market, a 1.5-inch thick, 14 ounce phone with an outward facing dial pad, navigation keys, and monochromatic display. Unlike the Simon Personal Communicator, the 9000 Communicator looked almost like a run-of-the-mill cell phone from 1996. However, along the left edge, was a hinge which opened to a full QWERTY keyboard and physical navigation buttons neighboring a much larger display. The Nokia 9000 Communicator, like the Simon, was also not called a “smartphone” even though it was capable of email, fax, Web
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