Is Adnan Guilty Or Innocent?

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A lot of people wonder if Adnan Syed is guilty or innocent, today as a legal assistant I'm going to tell you one important reason why he is innocent. Adnan is not guilty because there is another potential suspect like Jay. Jay's story that "proves" Adnan's guilt, has changed every interview and testimony. Jay had intimate knowledge of the crime he knew things, like if he knew every single thing that Adnan was thinking about which makes everything looked suspicious. Also Jay's stories don't quite match Adnan's cell records. Every time Jay was asked to give his testimony his story changed and he never really had an exact story of what happened that day or why Adnan would have killed Hae Min Lee. In the trial testimony Jay was asked why Adnan killed Hae and he said, "because Hae made him mad." In Jay's second testimony he responded to the same question with a different reason "because Hae had broken his heart." …show more content…

For example he knew the time that Hae was buried in Leakin Park at around 7:00 pm, he said. Also he knew where the shovel(s) used to bury Hae were thrown away he said in Super Fresh. He knew that Hae's body was at the car when Adnan "supposedly" kill her, and not only that he also knew the location of Hae's car . He is the key source of this case he knows basically every detail of the murder, even though he says that he didn't really had anything to do it seems that after all he was implicated in the case more than he implies. In one of the interviews Jay was asked by the detective "What happened to her shoes?" and he said "He told me he left them in the car." Is really weird that he knew every single detail they could have talk about anything but they decide to talk about where Hae shoes were left? It seems like if he knows more than he should which makes the audience doubt of whether he is really being honest or he is just covering himself for something he

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