Is Animal Testing Wrong or Right? Essay

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Ninety two percent of all animal testing that is effective on animals are ineffective on humans (ASPCA). Despite this alarming statistic, scientists still use animals in these experiments. Scientist give the animals no choice in whether they or going to be used in an experiment. Animal testing is when scientist use products, vaccinations or other things they develop for humans and use on animals. Scientist use all types of animals, but the most common are rats, mice, birds, reptiles and amphibians (ASPCA). Animal testing can result in an injury and or death to the animal that is being tested on. Scientist should find healthy and safe alternatives to figuring out information they need, rather than using helpless animals.
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Scientist preforms thousands of experiments on animals yearly and ninth two percent of them end in the injury or even death of the animal (ASPCA…). Some scientist disregards the value of an animal’s life and preform experiments that should be banned from the use of animal testing in general. They inject animal with horrible diseases such as HIV and AIDS that seriously harms or even kill them ("HIV Drugs, Vaccines and Animal Testing"). Animal testing comes in a lot of form but injecting animals with things such as that should not be tolerated, something should be done about it. Not only do they hurt the animal but millions of dollars goes to these testing yearly which is ridicules because they get government money to basically kill animal Animal testing has evolved over the years, but not for the better. Scientist has so much technology but they cannot figure out ways to solve problems they run into without using helpless animals. This is becoming a hug problem in the scientific community and has raised a lot of questions though out the society. Animal testing is done all over the world and brings a lot of controversy no matter the place. Things are getting worse due to the constant rise in animal testing that is being performed each year. Statistics show that 12,000 animals are being tested on right now, but that is not reality because they only show ten percent of all test done in the lab. So that means there is ninety percent more animals being tested on

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