Is Bullying A Victim Of Bullying During Childhood And Adolescents Years?

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Being a victim of bullying during childhood and adolescents years can take a serious toll on your health and overall well-being. I, myself, have gone through the hardships of bullying throughout my years in school making me familiar with the long-term effects. I want people to become more aware of bullying and hope someday it can come to a stop. No matter what it involves, abuse is wrong and goes against our given rights. The magazine article, Hurt Can Go on Even after Bullying Stops, emphasizes that the negative health effects from bullying can carry on long after these aggressive acts end. Some of these negative health effects include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, and a damaged sense of self-worth. The main focus of this study was on students’ past and present bullying experiences and examined how the effects of bullying can add up over time leading to a potential “snowball effect”. Researchers used surveys gathered from about 4,300 public school students in Houston, Los Angeles and Birmingham. The results from these surveys showed that 22% of the participants claimed being bullied in the fifth grade, 5% claiming to be bullied in the seventh grade, and 3% in the tenth grade. According to the surveys, bullying seemed to be less reported as the students grew older. The surveys also show that students who were bullied in the past and present scored the worst on numerous health tests, followed by students who were bullied only in the present, then students
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