Is It Right For College? Essay

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"Just because she didn 't kick and scream no does not make it right"
Individuals going to college can be a great experience and helping individuals get closers to their optimum goal. With every advantage of college there is also a disadvantage and it can really take a toll on an individual physically and mentally. College can even consume them if they do not take precaution, and remember their main focus as to why they are in school. The College student population is where you would see a lot of young and adventurous young adults getting together to have a good time and blow off some steam to not focus on school or work just for a short amount of time. These gathering are normally done through community service or even being a part of an organization. The most popular one that most young adults or indulging in is pikes or fraternity party where there is a lot of drinking, smoking and the worst drugs. When you mix all those ingredients together it is almost never a smart decision. Date rape drug is very popular around college student and even worst individual fall victim to the deviant behavior even though they are just trying to enjoy their college experience. Some of the know drugs that are commonly use and that has a great impact on college students causing them to fall victim to it is Rohypnol, Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB), and Ketamine. These drug can cause an individual to be easily subject to rape or taken advantage of when it is taken with

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