Is The Cost Of College Too High?

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Is the Cost of College too high? College can further education, but it can lead students in the direction of debt in the future. College is not for everyone, but a majority of people choose to further their education. Education is not cheap, but should that change a students decision? Students should be concerned about the price of college and think about the long term pros and cons. College leaves many students in debt after they graduate. Being in debt can affect peoples lives dramatically, but there are ways of solving their financial problems. Attending a college is not for everyone, but it does not necessarily mean someone is a failure if they do not go. Most people agree it is wise to further education after high school, but there are many alternatives to college. For instance, joining a military branch straight out of high school might be the correct choice for some. There are five types of branches such as, Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. A person can benefit themselves, surving their country, by joining one of these branches. Certain types of people might enjoy being hands on and do physical labor, for example, mechanical and auto repair. Other people might have talents that they can live the rest of their life doing and even make a career out of it. Having the ability to draw and be creative can lead to jobs like being a tattoo artist. The point is people can still succeed in a number of ways even if they do not attend college. After a

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