Is The Women Be Blame For Staying? A Violence Relationship?

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Date Violence Is the women to be blame for staying in a violence relationship? Date violence can be physical abuse, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse, or a combination. Date violence happens to people of all races, and cultures. It can happen on first date or when you have been a relationship for a long time. Date violence has no time frame. Why do we blame the women for staying in an abusive relationship? No one enters into an abusive relationship on purpose. The signs be right there in our face and we don’t even see them. Women be so focus on trying to please their man and don’t realize the abuse they are in. Sometimes it takes someone looking on the outside to inform you on what’s going on. Being in a physical abuse is not healthy and it can have anything to do with pulling the hair, grabbing the clothes, grabbing your face to have eye contact. Sometimes it’s also hard for us to come to terms that we are in an abusive relationship and what we need to do to get out of it, because it’s hard to leave the relationship. We don’t want other people to know that we are in an abusive relationship, so we have the tendency to put up with it. But we fell to realize that we are not alone and shouldn’t be scared to leave the relationship. We have to protect our self and know when to get out of the physical abuse relationship. Emotional and Verbal Abuse is no better it’s a non-physical behaviors like threats, insults embarrassing you in public, stalking you, and monitoring you.

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