Islam And Its Influence Throughout Prominent Kingdoms

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Tim Matoba
Dr. Marsh
13 November 2015
World History, pd. 7
Islam and Its Influence Throughout Prominent Kingdoms
Ottoman Empire The Ottoman Empire, one of the most valiant world powers of its time, received heavy influence from the spread of Islam through Europe and Asia Minor. Culture, military, and politics also held a stranglehold on the Ottoman Empire. Emerging as one of the many Turkish states in Asia Minor from the decline of the Seljuk Turk Empire, the Ottoman Turks began to engulf surrounding states, gaining vast territory. By the mid to late 1400’s, the Ottoman Empire was one of the most dominant empires in all of Europe. After the death of Malik Shah in 1092, the Seljuk Empire began to decline. The borders of the Seljuk Empire
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The emphasis on keeping a stronghold in Islam is see in documented advice from Osman to his son, “Son! Be careful about the religious issues before all other duties. These religious precepts build a strong state.” (The Rise of the Ottoman Empire) In 1265, Thebasion, a sophisticated tribe from within the Byzantine Empire, collapsed under Osman I’s reign. This was the first city of many to fall under the Ottoman rule. Soon after, Yenisehir, a city of high importance in the Byzantine Empire, collapsed during the late 1310’s, and soon after, Bursa and Iznik fell, the largest Byzantine cities in Anatolia. Soon after the capture of Bursa, Osman I died. After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453, Islam, then the official religion of the Ottoman Empire, gained heavy importance. The highest position in Islam, the caliphate, was a position to be held by the sultan, after the Mamluks — young slaves of the Abbasids forced into military — reached their defeat. The sultan was to be a devout and honest Muslim to lead as caliph. The properties and events all aforementioned of the Ottoman Empire would help the empire stay in control of its own for six-hundred years. As the Ottoman Empire maintained great strength, many great and powerful leaders would rule, helping the Ottoman Empire reach great prosperity through militaristic and political power, and through cultural innovation.
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