Issues Associated With Technology Implementation

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Technology Implementation Introduction There are many reasons that organizations choose to upgrade or introduce various technologies. The speed at which new technologies are developed has reached previously unimaginable heights. Computers and software can become obsolete in a matter of a couple years and this lifespan is continually declining. As a result, modern organizations are continually introducing and adapting new technologies and a regular basis to stay competitive or maximize their productivity. Yet there are so many new implementations that are unsuccessful and actually create more problems than they were intended to solve. This paper will introduce some of the issues associated with the implementation of new technologies into modern organizations. Technology Cycles Before the technological revolution that has changed nearly every part of our daily lives in the last decade, work related tasks were fairly static in nature. The need for an administrative staff was much greater than in the modern organization and it was common for people to perform the same types of tasks repeatedly for long periods of time. However, the modern work environment barely resembles that of any of its predecessors. In fact, Peter Drucker coined the phrase "the age of discontinuity" in the early nineties and this trend has only intensified since then (Anderson & Tushman, 1991). The life cycles in which technologies are replaced are becoming vastly shorter year by year. What was
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