The Concept Of Legacy Systems

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The major underlying assumption is that legacy systems are holding up businesses. There is numerous business potential together with the operational value that is tied to legacy systems. The cost of transition to modern or updated systems is not just in monetary terms but also in time (Connolly, & Begg, 2010). There are mainly three ways of combating legacy systems; continue, upgrade or replace. The value proposition of each of the choices is the daunting task for most organizations. Can they take up the cost and effort of replacing a system? How long can they use the current system? Is an upgrade helpful and what are the changes that will come with it? The fact that business is perpetually changing and adapting to new requirements every …show more content…

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In the modern business environment, the outlook or perception of many businesses with how they view SOA has greatly changed over time. SOAs are primarily geared towards the use of services. The investment at the onset by the business necessitates a high level of adoption which will prove worthwhile in both the short and long run. SOAs are primarily used for integrating and developing applications for enterprises (Rosen, 2008). Small functions are normally executed by the services such as validating customers providing analytical services and much more.
Challenges in SOA adoption can be classified and put into three categories. These three categories are People, Process, and Technology. When adopting SOA, a buy-in awareness should be there for all at an organization irrespective of hierarchy. It will be unrealistic to expect to reap benefits in the short term. Real benefits will be seen both in the middle and long-term. Individual teams and or departments should have substantial knowledge and commitment for the SOA project to be successful. The reason for this is that they are the same individuals who will be required to develop applications attached to the SOA

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