JFK assassination Essay

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“In a few days people will forget and there will be a new President.” Lee Harvey Oswald

It was a hot day in Dallas, Texas. President Kennedy sat in the rear seat on the right side of the car. His wife, Jacqueline, sat on his left. Texas Governor John B. Connally sat in a "jump" seat in front of the president, and Mrs. Connally sat to her husband's left. They were in a motorcade when an unimaginable sound was heard. It was 12:30 p.m., the cars approached an expressway for the last leg of the trip. Suddenly, three shots rang out and the president slumped down, hit in the neck and head. Connally received a bullet in the back. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot. Mrs. Kennedy …show more content…

A worker recalled seeing Oswald carry a long narrow package into the building the morning of the assassination. Police captured Oswald, who was armed with a revolver. He was arrested in a Dallas motion picture theater about 90 minutes after the assassination. About 1:15 p.m., Oswald was said to have shot and killed a Dallas policeman, J. D. Tippit, while resisting arrest. Oswald was charged with killing Police Officer Tippit. Oswald denied killing either Tippit or the President.
The police questioned Oswald for two days, but he denied both murders. Dallas police claimed that the evidence against Oswald was overwhelming. The murder weapon, an Italian rifle with a telescopic sight, was found hidden in the School Book Depository. The rifle had been purchased by Oswald from a mail-order firm for $12.78. Oswald's prints were found on the weapon.
On Sunday, November 24, two days after the assassination, Oswald was scheduled to be taken from the Dallas city jail to the county jail. As he was being led to the car for the trip, a Dallas nightclub owner, named Jack Ruby, stepped out of the crowd and shot Oswald to death. A nationwide television audience witnessed the shooting. Oswald was taken to the same hospital where the president died. He died at 1:07 p.m., 48 hours after Kennedy's death. Jack Ruby was convicted of Oswald's murder in 1964, but the conviction as overturned in 1966. Ruby died in 1967, awaiting a new

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