Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring: An Overview

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Provide an overview of Jean Watson's theory of Human Caring ( introduction, purpose, and rationale) Provide a description of the theory ( purpose, concepts/definitions, relationship/structure, assumptions) Top of Form To Watson it appeared that the contemporary nurse was losing her ardor for nursing and was becoming transformed into a machine. Nursing is supposed to be a discipline of caring and dedication to the patient as means to an end. Instead, nurses seem to becoming stressed out, frustrated, and caught up in the rigors of nursing which turns nurses into automatons. Determined to redress that, Watson espoused a philosophy of caring that revolved around 3 principles: the carative factor; the transpersonal carative factor; the carative moment. The carative factor this is where the nurse cares for herself as tool for her duty. She sees nursing as a significant discipline and something that needs to be developed as important in its own right, rather than seeing herself employed by some organization and having a role to fulfill. She recognizes the inherent spirituality and nurturance of the nursing profession and attempts to enhance that, seeking constantly to improve herself in order to better her nursing skills. The transpersonal carative factor the nurse sees herself as part of a duo nurse and patient. The patient moreover constitutes mind, body, spirit and all of these need to be addressed. They are all one holistic whole and when the holism is addressed, the

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