Jessica, A Young Mother and Her Entrepeneurship

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“Sshhhh…there you go Tommy. Mommy a be back to check on you. Be a good boy.” Jessica puts Tommy in his crib and turns the television on, gives him a couple of toys and places a sippy cup of juice in his crib. Exhausted and determined Jessica goes to her computer. She’s been working for three years now on a business plan that seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel. Writing countless business proposals—with writes and re-writes—Jessica constantly daydreams about the financial life she yearns for. She wanted to give Tommy more than he could ask for in life. Today looked no different, but it didn’t feel the same. Jessica had a business phone line that she only gave investors and bankers the information to. While sitting back in a deep exhausted daze the phone rang. Shocked, confused and un-expectantly happy, she realized what opportunity had just literally rung. This could be it! I wonder. Oh my goodness…what do I say? How do I answer the phone? Hmmm… However, Jessica snapped back her emotions and thoughts and brought them together. She didn’t want to get her hopes up. “This is Jessica.” She said confidently. “Hello Jessica, this is Jason. I’m calling on behalf of ACME Investor’s Group. I know your time is valuable, so I’ll get straight to the point. We’ve taken a look at your business plan and our company is willing to fund your project. What do you say?” Jessica filled with joy; while at the same time felt a big load lifted off of her

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