Job Analysis For A Job

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A job analysis is a thorough and detailed description of a specific job; it is used to examine job requirements and to improve classification, efficiency, selection and placement proficiencies. The job analysis must provide a basis for performance evaluations within an organization. It provides the foundation on which human resources procedures and decisions are made. Performance appraisals, criteria, goals and objectives, can be evaluated based on an immaculately drafted job analysis. A job analysis provides a classification system for jobs within an organization. It is used to simplify job parameters and to establish tasks and expectations within a job family, and is critical for proper selection and placement of qualified personnel. Optimally, it should provide a complete job description for both the organization and the employee or prospective employee. This job analysis is based on the occupation of Family Practice Lawyer. In order to establish the job requirements and understand the expectations and proficiencies needed for this profession, I met with a local family law practitioner. I prepared a series of questions regarding the profession, the educational requirements, the duties and responsibilities, and the time investment associated with the profession. We met on one occasion to discuss the job requirements and dynamics. Due to the nature of the profession and client’s privacy rights, I was not able to directly observe attorney-client interactions, but I

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