Job Enrichment On Motivation And Communication

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How is the principle of goals setting applied in the case of “Job Design for Expanded HIM Functions?” Principles of job enrichment applied with the case, what are the outcomes of job enrichment in HIS Department? And what the impacts are of job enrichment on motivation and communication in the HIS Department.
Definition as quoted in The Principles of Management Bus1101 text book, goal setting is the most influential and practical theories of motivation. Job enrichment is a job redesign technique that allows workers more control over how they perform their task, giving them more responsibility.
PRINCIPLES OF GOAL SETTING APPLIED Goal setting is related to performance. The method in which I believe the Director and managers apply the principles of goal setting is through their decision of looking at the evidence through environmental monitoring of the HIS Department, after the managers and directors may have systematically weigh the factors to determine appropriate action, according to The Principles of Management Bus1101 text book (chapter 14), managers and directors generate solutions using the distributive chart, no simple, magic tool or procedure exist, rather realignment will require collaborative and creative effects of employees and management.
In the HIS Department, job enrichment are applied in the department’s realignment to achieve organizational goals at four different levels. (Elizabeth Layman 2011) 2011 AHIMA case study

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