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FOCUS ON THE LEARNER PAGE 2 Introduction: The world has become a smaller place as a result of social media, global networking, and out sourcing. Due to this change in the world as whole people from all countries are working at learning and improving there English. Mexico is not exception. New school are popping up all over Mexico and students are attending both in classroom and on line more and more each year. This essay will study and present, Jorge Oscar Reyes Prado, a native Spanish speaker from Guadalajara Mexico.
Background of Student: Jorge is 41 years old, his profession is teaching, and he learned English as a EFL student. Jorge was born in Guadalajara. He does not speak English because he has not studied for a while. Jorge studied a little time in a language institute in the year 2000,
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Although he has not any practice speaking English with other people, he enjoys listening to music in English, but he does not enjoy watching movies as much because he dislikes reading the subtitles.
During his working life he has experienced the lack of opportunities for practicing his English. However, even though he has a busy Schedule he still hopes to keep learning about it, do to the pleasure he feels when listening to the music in English and learning about the United States culture.
Motivation of Learner:
Through research done by a questionnaires, and an interview the interviewer Established predominance in the skill of listening for the learner. He also shows a visual learning style preference . The learner has an intrinsic motivation in learning when it comes to music,but shows little interest in learning English for his working environment, even though it would give him better opportunities. The issue the student needs to solve is

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