Junet's Use Of Mise En Scene In Amelie

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Amelie is like most movies in that it revolves around finding true love. However, its ways of introducing characters and the colors used accompanied by its brilliant soundtrack swoon the audience into accepting a fairytale world that is arguably different from other movies. Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amelie uses elements of mise-en-scene and narrative to create a colorful and extravagant story. Mise-en-scene is French for “putting on a scene” (Barsam 173). Every director has to make the decision of what to put in to a frame and how to arrange then. Jeunet creates his scene by contrasting a drab green landscape of France by letting the audience see the colorful perspective of the main character Amelie. One of Amelie’s desires in the movie is to silently…show more content…
Character’s in Amelie aren’t just introduced by entering the left side of the frame and exiting the right, they often get their own aside accompanied with intense description. The consequence of this way of character development is the movie holds many round characters that are very relatable. Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan describe round characters as those with many traits and they talk about the importance of the resulting connection the audience makes with them (127). The movie introduces a character named Bretodeau by mentioning how he goes to the market to buy a chicken that he cooks with potatoes. Suddenly someone that loves this combination of food identifies with Bretodeau. This is unlike most movies that unravel character traits through how they react in different situations or just showing them on screen. These elements put together only show a small bit of the intricacies that surround Jeunet’s Amelie, however they tend to have the same purpose. Amelie focuses on aesthetics and evoking feelings and through, color, music, and character descriptions one may grow fond of this movie less on the movie as itself, but the feelings it can bring to the
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