Keirsey Temperament Sorter ( Kts )

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Each of us has different personalities. Beginning as an infant, all of us have no idea who or what kind an individual we are. All of us see the world through the eyes of our very own parents, guardians or other adults who tried to show and teach us what really the world is. Those individuals show us their own ideas of what truly are right and wrong, the good and bad. However, as we grow, our peers have much influence over how we define ourselves. There could be times, an individual would desire to fit in and belong to be like others. Likewise, in the society we belong to, each of us has tried to learn and take in all of our experiences, and relationships with other people. For this reason, Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) is the…show more content…
Keirsey’s temperament theory, there are four temperament groups which describe human behavior such as artisan, guardian, rational and idealist (Keirsey Temperament Website, (n.d.)). These four temperaments groups can be further subdivided, often referred to as “Character Types” (Keirsey Temperament Website, (n.d.)). Thus, there are now four types of each group of artisan, guardian, rational, and idealist. Therefore, the result of this test is a four-letter abbreviation of the test taker’s dominant personality type. In which, these four letters can help an individual to view themselves and others and how to interact effectively. In this case, based on Figure 1, the personality type result of this test indicates that the test taker is a guardian. According to Keirsey Temperament Sorter (Keirsey Temperament Website - Portrait of the Guardian (SJ), (n.d.)), the one word that best describes a guardian inspector is being dependable. Guardians can also be described as a hardworking, helpful, dutiful, with a very strong work ethic that can take them far (Keirsey Temperament Website - Portrait of the Guardian (SJ), (n.d.)). For that matter, based on Figure 2, by using the four letter abbreviation, the guardian mentioned is categorized as an ISTJ that stands for introverts, sensation, thinking and judgment. According to ISTJ Strengths and Weaknesses, (n.d.), an individual with ISTJ has some strengths as follows: honest & direct, strong-willed and dutiful, very
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