Key Ergonomic Hazards Involved With Tanger Outlets

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Goal/Objective: The purpose of this paper is to identify key ergonomic hazards involved with Tanger Outlets Nike retail store in Gonzales, Louisiana. Then, with the material learned in class, provide a sufficient plan that will minimize or eliminate the hazards completely.
Description of the Worksite: The Nike store in Tanger Outlets in Gonzales has been around since 2003 when they decided to expand their margins into Louisiana. The store is always hiring new employees so the work environment is always in constant change. The reason for this is because new people means new attitudes and outlooks on hazards and safety in the store. The work environment is always busy with the amount of customers that come in and out of the store every day
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This does not sound like it is that high, but the shoes are arranged on the shelves to where the smaller sizes are on the top shelf and the larger sizes are on the bottom. Customers constantly complain that the shoes need to be in the opposite order because it would make more sense and the shorter people could reach their rightful sizes. The middle section consists of lower walls (about 3/5 the size of the left-most and right-most walls) in which there are two spate walls. This space is considered the “kitchen” and is where most of the customers can sit and try on shoes. Then the right-most walls are exactly the same as the left-most walls. The space in between each wall on the left and right is four feet of space. In the middle section, the two walls are separated by 12 feet of space. The four-foot spacing between the walls on the left and right are not ideal for the amount of traffic that enters the store and are also ergonomically hazardous in their design.
Importance of Ergonomics in Retail: An ergonomic hazard is a physical factor within the environment that harms the musculoskeletal system. Ergonomic hazards include themes such as repetitive movement, manual handling, workplace/job/task design, uncomfortable workstation height and poor body positioning (Australian Government Comcare, 2014). Cynthia L. Roth makes a great claim about the importance of ergonomics in retail by stating that at every stage of the supply chain, ergonomics can be used to protect

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