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Case: Kingsford Charcoal

Define problem Kingsford is a branch product group of Clorox. The main product of Kingsford is charcoal. The business performance of this brand was good among the competitors, but during the recent years, it tends to be worse.The marketers of this company are trying to find a way to solve this problem by using the analysis and informations they got which cover many aspects. According to the analysis, the biggest competitor of Kingsford is Royal Oak and Private Label. Kingsford, as a brand with good brand awareness, keeps having better sales and earning performances than that of other FY, the sales volume dropped in 2000 and the category has become soft. At the end of 2000, about 5.7% decline happened in food
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On the other hand, the increase of the market share may also means that some companies were move out of the charcoal market, and if they chose to do gas market that means more competitors and less profits,

Internal situation analysis
The employees of Kingsford have good experiences in this area, so the sales teams are playing an important role for the company’s development. Different from some new industries, Kingsford have more clear business plan and faithful team. All they need to do is to show their products to customer successfully.
Kingsford has health brand image because of it is famous for the high quality products. No matter what the market is going to be, the quality of products is always the key to win. By positioning the brand inside the customers’ minds, the long term benefits would be hold.

Kingsford lacks good media advertising promotion. Like what I mentioned above, for old industry and company, how to catch the customers’ attention and keep the brand forever young is very important. However, people always ignore this point since they are used to look back, not the future. According to the analysis, the cost of advertising has a close connection with the final sales performance.
As a reduction of promotion activities, Kingsford tend to lose more. reducing this kind of costs seemed to be a way to save money, but
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