Labyrinth Film Analysis

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Introduction- The Labyrinth a fantasy/ action movie made by Jim Henson and Dennis Lee. Directed by Jim Henson about a Girl named Sarah who goes on a journey through a maze to recover her brother from the Goblin King before it is too late. This movie was released 4 December in 1986 in Australia this movie is a great piece of work which shows the excellent cinematography in that year it was a great film as it showed the key elements to cinematography costumes, Props, Special Effects, Music and Camera Angles. A way that labyrinth has excellent cinematography is because of its vibrant and quirky costumes that really suited the different individual characters with their wacky personalities and their different desires. An example of a costume …show more content…

The lightning really fitted the scene and made it better make it look more interesting and realistic. Another reason for why Labyrinth is another example of an excellent cinematography is because of the music which determined how or what the mood of the scene was whether the scene was happy, sad, or scary. The music also helped with telling a story of the story of the main character to find her brother which had been taken from the goblin king that fateful night. Music is a way to help viewers see what the mood is in the scene which makes it easier for people. Music was good to have in the Labyrinth because it meant when there were other effects it would match how the character was feeling or what was happening because it is better for everything to match up. Camera angles are a big part in the successfulness of the film Labyrinth because different camera angles can benefit in different ways. This film used a number of different camera angles from low, high, bird's eye view, dollying tracking, close up and extreme close up and more. These different angles are the main reason for why this movie is what it is because with different camera angles you show different emotions better. For example, they used a low angle view in the beginning of the film which showed that she looked more superior as they camera was below

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