Landing Page For The Gopro Hero Four Camera

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Landing Page Landing pages are an important part of a business and an essential piece of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Advertisements send traffic to dedicated landing pages that relate to the product advertised in the ad and give the advertiser a number of opportunities such as convert to purchases, drive traffic or generate leads. This document will examine landing page development and the optimization of Kent’s Camera Castle’s landing page for the GoPro Hero Four Camera. GoPro Hero 4 Landing Page The correlation between the ad and the landing page is essential (Phillip, 2016). The goal is for the visitor to have a flawless, yet wonderful and informative journey. The journey begins with the display ad created by Kent’s …show more content…

For instance, the landing page keywords and ad group created include variations of GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero Four, action camera, camcorder, photography, extreme sports, waterproof, underwater, and 4K. By optimizing the keywords that appear on both the ad copy and corresponding landing page is in an effort to increase a higher quality score and the positioning of the GoPro Hero Four landing page for the client (Phillip, 2016). A landing page only has a few seconds before the visitor decides if they want to continue on the page or hit the back button (Gaddes, 2014). Navigation of the GoPro Hero Four landing is designed in a logical order with very few steps to checkout. Navigating the landing page is intended to be easy and user-friendly to enable the visitor to easily convert. Otherwise, it can determine the landing page’s success or failure. Consequently, a landing page must get the searchers attention and make a great first impression immediately which impacts the effectiveness to increase the landing page’s conversions (WordStream 9 Tips). The presentation of the GoPro Hero Four landing page incorporates the design, wording, color scheme, eye-catching images as well as the look, feel, structure of the page and more. In this case, the GoPro Hero Four landing page’s design and wording is optimized to ensure that it’s clean with no distractions and free of errors and shortfalls (Gaddes, 2014). The landing page uses attention driving

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