Leadership And Management Sound Like The Same This To The

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Leadership and Management sound like the same this to the layman. But there are distinct differences and approaches that reap separate results. John P. Kotter wrote an analysis on the comparison between the Manager and the Leader. According to Kotter, management is more organizational centric and focuses on the preparation for complexity. Being able to create specializations within companies, protocols, and a number of procedures reduces discussions decisions on issues after the fact. If a there is a particular concern the dedicated department can source their efforts toward the project, and the company can continue to operate under a normal climate. Leaders focus on aligning subordinates with the vision, actualizing the function of the…show more content…
Kotter categorizes Planning & Budgeting as a management function because it is, “Deductive in nature and designed to produce orderly results.” This Differentiates from setting direction because the plan is a long range goal set by the company. The changes in the goal may need influence from supervisors and managers to maintain the momentum, the effectiveness, and efficiency of their departments. This implies the Leader’s role to effectively implement such direction, according to the culture of their environment. The Travel Related Services Division of the Credit Card Company, American Express, found themselves in the midst of a two front conflict. On one side, the company faced the emergence of bank credit cards sponsored by their competitors, Visa and MasterCard. Their competitors’ new alliances with companies across the country, and other financial services companies introduces products comparable to American Express’ Traveler’s Checks, a popular medium of international currency, during its time. Inversely, the company was infested with a jaded culture and products both inept and underutilized. All seemed bleak for the one of top credit card services in the world. When Lou Gerstner assumed his role as President of TRS in 1979, he started to implement his plan which he spent five years developing. He first questioned the brand and culture of the company. Next, he
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