Leadership And The Organization Of A Business

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Leadership is defined as an act of leading a group or an organization. There are different styles of leadership. Each style of leadership has a situation where they work efficiently and other situations where it does not work efficiently (Tittemore, 2003). The key to being a leader is guiding people or an organization a goal. Leadership is vital running a successful business and the organization of a business (Minkes, A., Small, M., & Chatterjee, S. (1999)). This paper discusses my personal leadership style, 5 characteristics that I align with, and identify how I can improve my leadership style. After taking numerous leadership assessment test and questionnaires it was determined that I am a democratic leader. A democratic leader whereby…show more content…
As years went on I did notice that his self-management started to degrade, but that was something that was strictly understandable and relatable. Democratic leadership style can be characterized in a variety of ways. After taking the leadership assessment it was discovered that I rated high and a few of those characteristics. One of those characteristic I was strong in delegation. Delegation or to delegate is when a person or in this case a leader passes own their own responsibility to a follower. This can commonly be found in businesses when it comes to projects or even everyday work. I was not too surprise that this was one of my strengths because of the experience I have in the IT field. When I first started working at my previous job my boss was not too good at delegating projects and responsibilities. At times it was extremely annoying and I viewed it as a roadblock preventing me from excelling and being exposed to different situations and IT related experiences. As years passed he started delegating and I became much happier and excited to work. Other colleagues felt the same way. Another characteristic I exhibited strength was having self-confidence. I can strongly agree since I have worked on many projects independently multiple times throughout my career. Self-confidence is not the only concept of
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