Leadership Based On The Career Experience

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This paper is a composite view of leadership based on the career experience of four individuals who have served faithfully in the armed services of the United States. The author of this paper interviewed three individuals who each have greater than twenty years, and in some cases quite a bit more, of experience in various leadership roles varying from the tactical to strategic levels in either the military or private enterprise. Each of the individuals interviewed were asked the same questions to determine if the methods used by leaders were similar, or if there were differences in their approach. This paper is intended to be a comparative examination of the leadership approaches used by these individuals to successfully conduct operations in their sphere of influence. This comparative analysis is primarily based on the interviews of three individuals who have supported me throughout my career. Colonel Daniel Dant is a twenty-four year veteran of the United States Air Force (USAF), who I had the privilege of serving under during his first command. He is currently the Director, Programming, Operations & Governance at the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The second interview was of Zachary Taliaferro, an eight year USAF veteran with twenty-five plus years in the defense industry. Zach works as an Operations Manager for The Boeing Company, and I have worked with him for the better part of seven years in various roles. The final interview was conducted with

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