Leadership, Ethics, Integrity And Civility

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Leadership, Ethics, Integrity and Civility
Keer Fan
The George Washington University
I agree with what the videos say that ethical leaders have both individual as well as organizational responsibilities. As to individual responsibility, if an ethical leader acts ethically, he will inspirit other people to follow him as an example. If leaders act unethically, subordinates will copy these unethical actions. The videos show that personal examples set by firm leaders is the single factor that has the biggest impact on ethical culture of a firm. As to organizational responsibility, leaders should organize and manage the culture of their companies so that they can urge their subordinates to act ethically.
However some leaders are so overconfident in their own morality, which lead to their downfall. In detail, some leaders had achieved great success before, so they were overconfident and thought they were always right. Without self-reflection, they made ethical mistakes and finally failed. I think the collapse of Lehman Brothers is a good example. When Lehman Brothers planned to receive the capital injection of the Korea Development Bank, although other people said Lehman Brothers could not accept this injection, it continued to insist on. Finally, Lehman Brothers failed because of the overconfidence. Also, many leaders in recent years have been involved in career-damaging scandals that involved personal improprieties. In my opinion, such things happen in more frequency to leaders

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