Ethical Leadership in the Universal Business World

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Plato once asked whether you would rather be "an unethical person with a good reputation or an ethical person with a reputation for injustice." Ethical leadership has long been a debate in regards to its importance and place in the universal business world. Hard wired leaders are usually very set in their ways whether those ways are ethical or not. Leaders are hard wired in terms of their morals, and ethical value and cannot change otherwise. For example a leader who is hard wired as being 'ethical' would be an all-rounder in terms of being a moral person as well as a moral manager. A moral person refers to the characteristics of what a person should possess such as being a honest, committed and trustworthy worker. They are usually a people person, concerned for other peoples welfare and people find them approachable. Moral persons help out their co-workers, by listening to their needs and providing fair solutions and good decision making skills to any problems that may arise. They are principled and usually lead by example where they will accumulate respect and followers as they are seen as being consistent in being ethical in both their personal and private lives. Likewise in the same way a moral manager would possess the same set of skills and characteristics in their work life by promoting ethical conduct at work, following company policy and rewarding employees good performance, but at the same time they are not afraid to discipline unethical conduct at work either.

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