Leadership For Leaders And Followers And Styles

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Leadership Defined For Leaders and Followers and styles! What styles does Leadership Involve?
Researchers define leadership in terms of personality and physical traits while others define it as behaviors (462). The dictionary meaning of leadership has been defined for decades and will continue to take on new definitions to for ages to come. The term leadership is a compact term that encompasses many factors. From my studies of this class session of Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership. The subject that spoke volumes to me was Leadership as it is in my daily DNA of recreation, church and business.
For the most part individuals are familiar with history stories and bed time novels we read as children like “The Little Engine that Could,” “Tortoise and the Hare,” and “Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.” To name a few. Nevertheless these narratives have different story lines; they totally appear to concentrate on a parallel subject.
The theme of each plot is that no matter how sluggish, fragile, or underprivileged you might be, if you apply yourself, your spirt and your mind to something, you’ll be stunned at what you can achieve. In all three of these narratives, an outwardly fragile individual is compelled to go challenge an extremely tougher individual.
Described, in all of these accounts, the fragile character, through his or her hard work and determination, is able to overcome the obstacle standing in their way. That is what a good leader does; he looks for ways to

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