Leadership Issues, Communication and Managerial Support Within Companies

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Dick Spencer is faced with multiple issues. The difficulty and complexity of these issues are caused by a variety of factors. The three most critical issues faced are leadership issues within the company, communication and managerial support. A discussion of these factors and recommendations regarding what actions Dick Spencer could take, serves as the foundation for this case analysis. The first factor that is playing an influential role in Dick Spencer’s decision making is that there isn’t any managerial support with any decisions made. Having managerial support is important to a successful business. Without having managerial support, this gives the employees no type of direction on what to do or what they can do. There is a study …show more content…

With having no managerial support within a company this can also bring on a loss of employees because there are employees that would much rather leave the company then deal with no support. When the employees quit this also costs the company money because they then have to rehire to cover for that persons position as well get them trained and up to speed on the company and their daily tasks. When there isn’t any managerial support, there is a way that brings on fear, where people are afraid to speak up about the situation because they need that job in order to pay their bills. This doesn’t mean that you should disrespect the manager but the employee themselves are afraid to tell anyone because they are afraid of the not knowing what will happen if they do. Having no managerial support doesn’t just affect the job and work that the employee does but also can affect your family life, your morale, your physical health, and even increase your risk for heart disease. In addition to lack of managerial support, another individual difference variable that could influence Dick Spencer’s decision is the lack of communication. Anytime that there is a negative communication or no communication within the workplace, it will have an effect on organizational structure for the bad not for the good. Communication is the key within any organization. Without communication, the chances of a company being successful are slim to none.

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