Leadership Philosophy Of Leadership And Leadership

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A Leadership Philosophy is our own definition of our leadership styles. It consists of our beliefs, personal values, and assumptions. “There is not one right way to lead. Leadership should not be studied as a recipe or a checklist. It is more important to develop a philosophy of leadership to guide your actions (Komives, Lucas, and McMahon, 2013).” We must create our own definition of leadership in order to have an understanding of how to be leaders. Understanding our leadership philosophy enables us to be better leaders and have an understanding on how leadership affects our experiences leaders. I believe leadership is the process of working together with a group of people to accomplish a common goal or positive change. Leadership is…show more content…
I believe that a leader must implement their values and beliefs to create the leadership style that it is best for them and that aligns with the organization’s vision and purpose. Personally, I lead with the ideologies of the Relational Readership Model. This model calls for positive change through a process that is empowering, inclusive, and ethical (Komives et al, 2013). Since we all have our definition of leadership, it is hard to have a standard definition of leadership. My definition has been reinforced by different assessment throughout the years. For instance, when I took the assessment True Color I turned out to be a Gold, which I expected because Golds tend to be organized and like to plan ahead to be prepared. When leading, I am always prepared. I tend to plan everything ahead to assure success. When thing do go wrong, I rely on my top strength from the StrengthsQuest assessment. This strength is Context; which means I look for answers looking back at my blueprints and original plans. This helps me be confident that anything will work out based on the goal set at the beginning. Both of these qualities, I believe are extremely important for everyone to practice in order to accomplish leaderships. The past year, I served in the Hispanic Latino Student Union (HLSU) Programming Board. With this position, I was responsible for coordinating and facilitating HLSU futures events as well as
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