Leadership Practices And Its Impact On The Success Of The World Essay

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This research paper in based on contemporary leadership practices which help to steer the wheel of the organisation to greater heights. Leadership as the topic has previously been viewed to play a great impact on the success of the most ranking organization in the world. The genesis to this is starting in past century to the 21st century (Bennis W.2007). It is through this research; efforts are made to apply relevant leadership practices concerning Apple Company about an icon in Apple’s C.E.O Steve Jobs who is one of the most influential leaders in the recent times. The basis of this paper will be on the leadership traits, characteristics, and behaviour as well as organizational culture in support of the short-term and long-term objectives and action by its leaders. Finally reflecting on the effect in case the leader left and also steps that Apple Company to ensure quality leadership practices are developed and executed in the future. Leadership topic is among the highly ranked in management. A literature review of leadership in the past was more of characteristic and traits (Bass, 1990). Leadership research has evolved from the different theory which includes great man theory to most recent of transactional and transformational leadership (Bolden, et al 2003). Thus for a company to successful it must emulate the best traits to enhance meeting its set goals. Leadership is defined as the process by which an individual influences a group of individual in
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