Leadership Style And Effective Communication Essay

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Leadership Style and Effective Communication in the Workplace
Blanchard, Hersey & Johnson (2015) introduced the concepts pertaining to leadership styles, self-awareness in Chapter 11, and effective communication in Chapter 12. The two main ideas that will be taken away from the lesson review involve the use of feedback, and active listening, which helps in essential communication within the organization and in one’s daily life. When it comes to choosing the right style of leadership that best suits one’s environment within the workplace, things to consider include the experience and skills of the employees, the nature and type of work involved, the organization’s environment, and one own preferred or natural style (Informa, n.d.). With Situational Leadership, Informa (n.d.) states “a good leader will find him or herself switching instinctively between styles according to the people and work they deal with” (Informa, n.d.). This paper serves as an analysis of personal and outside perceptions of one’s leadership style. Furthermore, providing an explanation as to how one may leverage the ideas taken from the lessons and incorporate it into the workplace and personal life.
Major Thesis According to Blanchard et. al’s (2015) text, feedback enlarges one’s self-awareness, when others are willing to openly share their views if a leader’s behavior (Blanchard et. al, 2015, p. 191). Additionally, it is recommended that “leaders find a few trusted subordinates who

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