Leadership Style And Leadership Theory

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This paper explores five published empirical articles and report results from research conducted on traits, skills, and characters relationships to leadership and followers. The paper discusses the common themes and conclusions addressed in all studies. The articles penned with the intention of examining the impact leadership style and leadership theory in areas such as individual identity, culture, and worldview. Mahdi, Mohd, and Almsafir (2014) argue there is a significantly strong relationship between the leadership behavior and organizational commitment. Also, the paper synthesizes pool of knowledge on the empirical impact of leadership behaviors on follower’s perceptions. Various aspects of these variables questioned in these articles provide an extensive and extended comprehensive understanding of the factors that affect groups and employees in societies.

First article: “Effects of Leader intelligence, personality and emotional intelligence on transformational leadership and managerial performance” by Cavazotte, F., Moreno, V., and Hickmann, M. (2012) share perspectives on emotional intelligence and leadership traits. Cavazotte et al. (2012) investigate impacts of personality traits and emotional intelligence on transformational leadership and performance of leaders in the context of the organization. The study reviewed and built upon the theory of both whole systems and complex systems, evaluating 134 middle-management teams from an enormous Brazilian Energy company.

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