Explain How Those Of Diversity And Inclusion In The Field Of Leadership In Health Care

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This paper is to define the definition of leadership, and how its breakdown of various leadership styles and theories. I will also focus on more than one leadership style on what is to believe the best aligns thoughts of what leadership should mean. The leadership style is a mixed character of leadership that combines the transformational and servant leadership theories in to Healthcare. An evaluation is made of the learner’s leadership characteristics and how they would enable the learner to better serve his community of professionals. The paper will also identify and evaluated the tenets of ethical leadership as well as those of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Select and identify one leadership theory or style that you believe best aligns with your own thoughts of what leadership means. You will use that theory or style to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

Describe the leadership characteristics you already possess. Then, describe at least two additional leadership characteristics you would like to develop. Explain how these characteristics will allow you to guide, educate, inform, and influence others to manage change in the field of health care.

Explain how your personal and academic experiences will contribute to and guide your development as an effective leader. For example, how will developing academic skills such as evaluating resources and scholarly writing help to strengthen your leadership position in the field of public service?

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