Leadership Styles : Leadership And Management Skills

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With a population that continues to live longer with chronic illnesses; it is likely that rapid, and dramatic changes will continue to occur in nursing as well as the health care industry. As the profession continues to grow, it will become increasingly important for the nurse to develop skills in both leadership and management roles (Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J., 2017). For optimal functionality, a great leader most possess both leadership and management skills. Gadner (1990) asserted that integrated leader-managers possess six distinguishing traits. These include. 1) They think long term. 2) They look outward, toward the larger organization. 3) They influence others beyond their own group. 4) They emphasize vision values, and …show more content…

Some examples observed were the leaders expressing how excited they were about the direction the company was taking regarding the responsibility of RNs. This was discussed in front of the RNs, The RNs were observed reacting in a positive way to the changes proposed. My belief is that it was the infectious way the leadership brought about the topic that made the RNs more receptive to the ideas.
The way we communicate is the key to any successful relationship. This includes our work relationships as well. In observing the different leadership styles, I believe Democratic Leadership has the most respectful communication. In this style of leadership, the manager asks the staff to be involved in the decision making process, Although the manager still has the final say on an issue, the involvement of staff allows them to feel heard and valued. As the staff feels more valued, they will feel more loyal to the company and their job satisfaction will increase. These factors will all contribute to lower turnover rate for the organization with will then attract qualified applicants.
There are many positive outcomes that are attributed to using the Democratic Leadership style. These include: A more positive work environment; because the staff feel more valued, they are more invested in their work. In this environment the staff and management work together to find solutions which results in less conflict over the final decision. Another benefit

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