Essay about Leadership and Management

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1. A. Is there a difference between effective leadership and effective management? Yes, I believe that managers are analytical, structured, controlled, deliberate, and orderly. Leaders are experimental, willing to take chances, visionaries, flexible, unfettered, and creative. These are the differences between management and leaders. B. Someone from the 21st century who I believe is an effective leader is Steven Jobs, of Apple computers. I believe he is an effective leader because he pursues visions even when his competition has a strong hold on the computer industry. He still motivates his people to keep coming up with ideals to stay competitive with Microsoft and not let them run a monopoly on software and patents on computers. His power…show more content…
2. A. I would tell George that Elizabeth might feel underpaid relative to other people in the accounting department because she might be evaluating her efforts and rewards of the work she does compared to her coworkers. Elizabeth’s actions may include reducing her efforts, or she might not be a team player or be disruptive until she feels she is getting the same rewards as her coworkers. I would give George a plan of action like positive reinforcement and give Elizabeth the same rewards as other people in the office if she is carrying the same load as his top performers. B. I would tell George that the factors contributing to an effort to perform at a high level are 1. Expectancy is high-the employee feels that high performance can be attained. 2. Instrumentality is high- the employee associates high performance with a desired outcome such as a merit pay increase. 3. Valence is high-the employee has a high preference for a merit pay increase. The other factors that George should be aware of that contribute to Jack’s task performance are 1. Determine what outcome the employee prefers- talking with employees to find out their preferences is important to stimulate motivation. 2. Define, communicate, and clarify the level of performance that is desired-an employee needs realistic and meaningful performance goals before ho can put forth an effort. 3. Establish attainable performance goals- can’t set impossible goals. 4. Link desired outcomes to
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