Leadership and Personhood

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Reflection: Leadership and personhood Introduction One of the most difficult decisions a nurse-midwife must make when assisting with a birth is when it is necessary for a patient who initially desired a natural childbirth to seek more intensive medical treatment. The nurse-midwife must be sensitive to the needs and desires of the patient and her family, while still placing the health of the mother and baby first. Ideally, the nurse should discuss various scenarios with the mother before labor takes place, so the mother feels a sense of autonomy over the experience, should complications ensue. Showing leadership is not merely acting in an authoritative manner; it is helping individuals feel motivated to 'do what they need to do,' including patients. In my hospital, I work on a ward, but even then I often face conflicts with mothers who are frustrated when their pregnancy progresses to the point that they cannot give birth naturally, and another means is suggested. Description of the experience I was acting as part of the treatment team for an expectant mother. She wished to have a home birth, even though members of her treatment team were concerned this was not appropriate, given her medical history. I agreed, but I wanted to present her choice in a manner so the patient 'felt good' about the decision she made, rather than felt pressured. I believe that in most circumstances in healthcare, the ideal leadership style is a democratic or participative one, rather than an
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