Leadership in the Retail Work Environment: Macy's Case Study

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Describe the work environment (e.g., industry, number of employees, etc.). The retail industry is strong indicator of growth within many of the developed nations. In America alone, 1 out of every 4 jobs is retail oriented. As such the industry is very important in regards to economic growth and prosperity. In light of the current global economic downturn, retailers are realizing a decrease in discretionary spending on the part of consumers. Many consumers are spending less, saving more, deleveraging, and otherwise getting their personal balance sheets in order. This has caused some complications in regards to the overall work environment within the retail spectrum. One such example comes from Macy's Inc. an American retail chain. Macy's currently operates more than 800 stores worldwide, with many stores located in areas such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and Dubai. It employees over 100,000 workers. Macy's is indeed an international company in a traditional sense. In order to have successful project managers, Macys has incorporated a standardized system of both performance appraisal and behaviors. For example, Macy's utilizes a balance scorecard in order to keep employees motivated and inspired to perform. This scorecard tracks all members of the team and their performance relative to their peers. The form is the same regardless of location or nationality. This helps the project manager perform his job successfully as he or she can pinpoint exact areas of opportunity with his

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