Learning, Professional Development And Training

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Abstract By and large, training is an indispensable process which is needed in all aspects of life to work as a bridge between the existing and the acquired knowledge and skills . This research discusses training from the educational prospective, so this research will give a definition for training besides weighing the difference between learning, professional development and training in addition to reasons why it is important. The research also refocuses attention on the procedures for implementing a successful training as well a putting into consideration the methods of training at MODLI which is implemented to generate a productive , authentic and meaningful training that will be the pillar for any improvement in the teachers` performance , knowledge and skills . The research concludes by showing the difference that training can achieve by following planned procedures to fulfill all the needs of the organization and help the teachers to be on the same track with the purpose of the training. Overview To be a teacher in the U.S teachers have to spend four years in college before becoming active ones in about fourteen hundred schools of education all over the States . But now there is a shortcut like the program (TEACHFORAMERICA) which gives college graduate just five –week of summer training before placing them in schools . so there are fourteen hundred traditional places but how many alternate pathways , surprisingly you could become a teacher in just five
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