Learning Style Inventory ( Lsi )

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Learning Style is a Term that has been of interest in the past few decades in the field of Organizational Behavior. It refers to the way individuals perceive to acquire new skills, knowledge, or education. Scholars of organizational behavior owe David Kolb who is the leading pioneer for the introduction of such term due to his work since 1970`s.
David Kolb, a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland in the US, established an Experimental theory based on a 17 years search study to develop and enhance the abilities of educators using the Learning Style Inventory (LSI). Coffieldand et al (2004).His aim was to improve traditional teaching for management students in perceiving new learned topics. He …show more content…

xCoffieldand et al mentioned that the authors were keen to emphasize (2000, 43) that ‘no single style has an overwhelming advantage over any other. Each has strengths and weaknesses but the strengths may be especially important in one situation, but not in another.
Several scholars disagreed with the idea; that each individual has a unique learning style. They critiqued the work of Kolb, Honey and Mumford, and others who followed on the road of searching for improving and classifying educators in to learning categories. They insisted that naming individual according to learning style prevent them from adapting to new ways of learning.
In this paper I used Honey and Mumford questionnaire to determine a suitable development program for a candidate. The candidate will answer the Learning style questionnaire (attached in appendix) as honestly as possible, his educational background and past experience should be taken into consideration in the development program.

People in organizations are individuals with deferent behavior, values and personality, whereas organizations “are group of people who works interdependently toward some purpose” (McShawn,andVonGlinow 4th edition). This workforce diversity needs to be stormed and aligned through what is called evolving employment relationship, thus resulting in increasing their flexibility. Employees should also increase their flexibility through

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