Led By Example Of A Nco Report

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As a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) it is my duty to lead other soldiers. Whether it is giving instructions during a physical training session or keeping a soldier alive during a fire fight. I am trusted to lead subordinates and peers. Some see leadership as a position that allows them to give orders. I do not see it this way. I see leadership as an opportunity to shape subordinates and peers into soldiers that will be successful at leading. Looking back at the history of the Army, there is plethora of phrases that encompass leadership philosophy. One quote in particular sticks out to me. During World War Two, Major General Aubrey S. Newman coined the phrase, “follow me” while commanding an amphibious assault on Lyte Island. (Los Angeles Times, 1994.). This phrase embodies my leadership philosophy of lead by example.…show more content…
I must be aware that at all times subordinates and peers are watching me and assessing me. At some point another soldier will ask themselves the question, what would SGT Fortson do in this situation? I want to make sure their answer to that is the correct one. I achieve this by displaying my resiliency. Showing resiliency further stresses that anything worth working for is worth having. In most cases our nations greatest leaders have failed, but it not how you fall, it is how you get back up. I want to show soldiers that it is key to know your deficiencies and have the proper frame of mind to adjust and overcome them. Pushing my subordinates and peers to be better is erroneous without demonstrating that I myself am constantly striving to be the
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