Ledogar And Vik

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Management is defined as “The pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the organization’s resources.” (Kinicki & Williams, nd, p.IND-18). I believe that Mark Ledogar and Gary Vik exemplify this definition by the way they have set up their company. From their planning process to organization skills everything seems to work well together. They must be able to stay on top of all areas of management at all times to allow them to stay in touch with changes in their market and possible new ideas that their clients may want.
Ledogar and Vik display the Mintzberg role mentioned in our text (A manager relies more on verbal than on written
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One Smooth Stone empowers employees by using the administrative branch of the Classical viewpoint. The managers concentrate on the overall company and allow the employees concentrate on creating quality products with little management oversight. The managers to me are also interested in the Human relations branch of the Behavioral Viewpoint because of the type of work that the company does is all about human relations between the different groups of employees and also with the clients. Ledogar and Vik also use the Operations Management Viewpoint due to the fact that the company thrives on the projects that they must deliver to their clients. Without this outlook there is a good chance that they would not be as successful in their…show more content…
The main reason is that the management teams above me are aligned with the Theory X type of management. They are very micromanaging and do not have a lot of faith in the Soldiers that work for them. This makes it very hard to operate as a mid-level manager in my Office because of the environment that is set by my bosses. My Soldiers would benefit from some of the strategies being used by One Smooth Stone. I honestly do not know what management theories are being applied in my office by my managers. A lot of the time it seems that they are flying by the hip and are not really sure what they are doing from a manager standpoint. Their people skills are not that great either. Yes it is the military but without people skills and management skills rank will get you only so far. With that being said the two theories that I implement in my office are “Human Relations Movement- which proposed that better human relations could increase worker productivity.” (Kinicki & Williams, nd, p.48) and Operations Management which “focuses on managing the production and delivery of an organization’s products or services more effectively.” (Kinicki & Williams, nd, p.51). In my office with my Soldiers I try to foster an environment where my Soldiers trust me enough to come to me with any issue both work and personal. I think that by doing this it will assist with getting our work done correctly and in a
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