Legal And Ethical Issues Of The National Career Development Association

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Legal and Ethical Issues Naomi’s case presents various relevant ethical dilemmas that must be addressed immediately, multiculturally, and in accordance to ethical codes. The National Career Development Association (NCDA) Code of Ethics (2015) section A.1.b. identifies the distinction of counseling services provided between career planning and career counseling. Being a biracial single mother with major health issues as well as a full time job are Naomi’s leading environmental factors that may prove to be her biggest challenge in assessing her overall ability to make a career change as she not only has to find the time to attend these sessions but also secure childcare as well. Therefore, it is my primary obligation to question Naomi…show more content…
3); therefore, Naomi, along with her counselor, must develop as well as regularly maintain a pertinent career development plan that targets Naomi’s presenting issues. Assessment Tools While career counselors have a wide range of assessment instruments they can utilize; choosing an instrument that is effective, reliable, economical, and cross-cultural can be challenging; however, when assessment instruments are chosen correctly, they can provide counselors with wealth of information regarding their client. Be that as it may, if career counselors neglect to consider all aspects of their client’s lives such as their worldview, cultural background, and ethnicity etc. assessments can yield invalid results and thus ineffective career counseling. Utilizing the O*Net Online as part of Naomi’s career assessment is recommended as it provides current trends within the workforce. An assessment that would benefit Naomi to prioritize what is important in her life would be occupational card sorts, which are created on a case by case basis by counselors to specifically address the needs of each client. According to Brott (2004), “personalized card sorts can be used to verify the counselor 's understanding of the client story and to validate the client 's preferred ways of being” (p. 194). Additionally, specific intruments such as Interest Inventories, Assessment of Aptitude tests, and Personality Assessments would also be benefical for Naomi’s
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