Lets Keep Personal, Personal: Scandal´s of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy

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America loves a scandal. After all, what do most people think of when this question is brought up: What does Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy have in common, besides the fact that they were both Presidents of The United States of America? They are men who excelled in their job yet both had a blemish on their previously near perfect reputation that society viewed as a letdown. Both men had scandals that involved women; Monica Lewinsky and Marilyn Monroe. I strongly believe that society judging the career of these men based on their scandals is wrong. The personal life of a man should be kept just that, personal. I understand the responsibility that comes along with being in the limelight, but I believe the personal problems that a person…show more content…
They then argued to me that despite his approval ratings when he left office, he was not as good as a president because of this extra-marital affair. Did they forget about Marilyn Monroe?
John F. Kennedy was accused of having an affair with her, and numerous other women. In fact, a secret service officer is quoted in saying “He had sex with a lot of women. She was just one of them and it wasn’t that noteworthy.” They are also quoted saying that in the early 1960’s when the many sexual relationships were going on, the general public was not too aware of it nor was it highly publicized. JFK believed that if he maintained a good relationship with the press, they would be less likely to do stories on his scandals. The late president’s former press secretary Pamela Turnure, who he also had a long lasting affair with, wrote in a tell-all book that wrote how he was “obvious about it, yet the press and public did not know about of JFKs antics until long after his death.” Clearly the man who my family believed was more beloved than Bill Clinton was not as perfect as they described. How could JFK be so widely beloved, yet the idea of Bill Clinton being as treasured as him made my family uncertain? The more the debate went on, the more it turned into a heated argument and the more I realized that even though every single one of my family members disagreed with my opinion, I was right. I
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