Lets Keep Personal, Personal: Scandal´s of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy

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America loves a scandal. After all, what do most people think of when this question is brought up: What does Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy have in common, besides the fact that they were both Presidents of The United States of America? They are men who excelled in their job yet both had a blemish on their previously near perfect reputation that society viewed as a letdown. Both men had scandals that involved women; Monica Lewinsky and Marilyn Monroe. I strongly believe that society judging the career of these men based on their scandals is wrong. The personal life of a man should be kept just that, personal. I understand the responsibility that comes along with being in the limelight, but I believe the personal problems that a person in power might have should not tarnish the professional career that they have built.
I realized my opinion on this matter was against society’s view over Thanksgiving break. I was lounging around the family with all 13 members of my extended family watching a football game when a commercial came on that was in remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy. My grandpa started telling me the story about where he was when he found out the president had been assassinated. It seemed like everyone who was alive during that time remembers perfectly where they were when they heard the news. We talked about his death and the impact on the United States and even the whole world for another five minutes before the great debate…

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