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The “Let’s Stay Abreast Program” focus is to plan, promote, and implement a program that will educate and provide screening to help decrease the incidence and reduce mortality of breast cancer, through early detection among women in Co-Op, Bronx, New York. In 2016, 91 million was spent on Governor Cuomo’s initiative to increase breast cancer awareness and screening by focusing on providing public awareness campaign, community outreach programs, patient navigators, and mobile mammography vans (Governor Cuomo, 2016). To make this mission possible a comprehensive approach will be taken by providing education, clinical breast exams, teaching individuals how to perform a proper self-breast exam, and mammogram screening. According to Oeffinger…show more content…
Census Bureau, 2015). The median income for this area is 9,022 compared to 53,373 for New York and 34,299 in Bronx County. Only 10.8% of the population are married, 73.1% graduated from high school, and 18.8% has a Bachelor degree or higher (U.S. Census Bureau, 2015). Since the population is predominantly African American, there may be some resistance to seeking medical care, due to mistrust of the healthcare professions and ritual practices and cultural beliefs. Also, due to the age of the population following-up with medical appointments or receiving annual/biannual mammogram screening may be difficult for this group of people. There may exist the inability for them to get around because of physical capabilities, transportation, and difficulties in understanding what the provider is trying to convey to them. Also, this population may not have the finance to cover the care that is needed. Many African Americans are very spiritual people, and they believe in a higher power; therefore, a community-based program that has partnered with the surrounding churches can prove most beneficial.
Program Goals and Objectives
According to Oeffinger et al., (2015) the primary purpose of a mammography screening program is to help decrease mortality rate that results from a late diagnosis of breast cancer. Early detection is the best treatment plan. The “Let’s Stay Abreast Program” will seek to do the following:

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